Our Services

Comprehensive and integrated

Business Planning and Reporting

We are professionals in preparing strategic, operational, and marketing plans for companies. We are experienced in preparing annual financial budgets, statements, and financial indicators that enable our clients to plan for different stages of business operations, monitor operational processes to track the alignment of plans with actual data, and prepare final reports for companies.

Economic Feasibility Study

We prepare market, financial, technical, and legal studies to provide the best effective solutions that contribute to decision-making; through a systematic assessment of the practical application of the proposed project/plan, we objectively reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed project or existing business, and assist in identifying and evaluating opportunities, threats, and resources required for the project, the prospects for success, and the investment opportunity.

Financial Analysis

We are experienced in adapting business intelligence tools to design smart dynamic models through which we conduct financial analysis in various areas; such as financial indicators analysis, operational processes analysis and monitoring, sales, purchases, inventory, and cash; in addition to customer tracking reports and human resources analysis reports.

Accounting and Financial Auditing

With our experienced team, we prepare periodic financial statements and audit all types of financial and accounting data and reports such as cash flow, trial balance, and income statement. In addition to calculating the annual depreciation of fixed assets and determining their net book value, we also prepare an inventory management system to control purchasing processes and we develop cost calculators and pricing systems.

Financial Valuation of Companies and Investment Portfolios

Through our specialized team, we evaluate companies by determining their current net value; with the aim of attracting new investors, identifying the value of liabilities and debts, or matters related to disputes, litigation, and others. We also provide investment portfolio analysis services and reveal the financial status of each project within the portfolio.

Project Design and Development

With the design thinking methodology that characterizes our passionate team, we integrate the needs of people, the capabilities of technology and the requirements of business success to build together with our clients the building blocks of their projects. We focus on the user and thoughtfully blend design, organization, and management to help our clients craft a unique and viable business model, and then build supplementary cards for each of its elements.

Value Chain and Competitive Advantage Innovation

With our seasoned experts in creating a distinctive vision and positioning for the brand in customers' minds, we reconsider fleeting ideas and provide product/service designs in a systematic way that makes them innovative with competitive value and a unique advantage that allows them to penetrate the market and achieve the greatest gains.

Preparing and Writing Project Proposals

With our experienced professional team, we formulate and design the business project proposal with all its elements and details, taking into account the organizational and technical aspects and highlighting the investment opportunity, to urge investors, financiers, and decision-makers to approve and provide technical and financial support for the project.

Business Institutionalization

We put companies through a delicate process of institutionalization that promotes transparency, real monitoring and accountability. We do this by working on the correct construction the structures of the main and subsidiary operations in integration with the administrative structures of the departments and individuals, defining the responsibilities and tasks of each individual in them, professional writing of job descriptions at the level of departments and individuals for all job levels, and drawing and designing the product life cycle.

Preparing Organizational Policies

With our specialized team, we formulate and draw the general organizational policies of the company and its divisions, and write the rules and procedures that contribute to the application of these policies in order to reach the best practices. This includes various policies such as finance, sales and marketing, inventory, pricing, and others.

Quality Assurance

Through our field and technical team; We ensure the progress of the project according to the specified plans, follow up and evaluate the implementation mechanisms, link plans and performance with future results, ensure that the current and future management improve outputs, results and impact, and help improve performance and achieve the desired results at the levels of relevance, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.

Building and Organizing the Agreements

With our knowledgeable and experienced team, we prepare employee and supplier agreements, service offers and agreements between partners, and build and organize the agreement process between the parties involved.

Preparing Research and Reports

Through our well-versed research team, we carry out studies and reports on the market, project and business evaluation reports, in addition to all that our clients require of research and benchmarking studies related to the business sector, by following various scientific research methodologies, to put in their hands valuable research papers documented by sources and references.

Business Consulting

Through our team of experienced financial and business advisors and consultants, we provide our clients with the best management, financial and business consulting that helps them solve problems, improve operations and develop their businesses by applying objective solutions based on specialized information, skills and systematic analysis of facts and data.